Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

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Date 12/16/2022
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Sets the processor-specific library code for the specified processor features.


IppStatus ippcpSetCpuFeatures(Ipp64u cpuFeatures);

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Features to be supported by the library. Refer to ippcpdefs.h for ippCPUID_xx definition.


This function sets the processor-specific code of the Intel IPP Cryptography library according to the processor features specified in cpuFeatures. You can use the following predefined sets of features (the FM suffix below means feature mask):

32-bit code:

#define PX_FM ( ippCPUID_MMX | ippCPUID_SSE )
#define W7_FM ( PX_FM | ippCPUID_SSE2 )
#define V8_FM ( W7_FM | ippCPUID_SSE3 | ippCPUID_SSSE3 )
#define S8_FM ( V8_FM | ippCPUID_MOVBE )
#define P8_FM ( V8_FM | ippCPUID_SSE41 | ippCPUID_SSE42 | ippCPUID_AES | ippCPUID_CLMUL | ippCPUID_SHA )
#define G9_FM ( P8_FM | ippCPUID_AVX | ippAVX_ENABLEDBYOS | ippCPUID_RDRAND | ippCPUID_F16C )

64-bit code:

#define PX_FM ( ippCPUID_MMX | ippCPUID_SSE | ippCPUID_SSE2 )
#define M7_FM ( PX_FM | ippCPUID_SSE3 )
#define U8_FM ( M7_FM | ippCPUID_SSSE3 )
#define N8_FM ( U8_FM | ippCPUID_MOVBE )
#define Y8_FM ( U8_FM | ippCPUID_SSE41 | ippCPUID_SSE42 | ippCPUID_AES | ippCPUID_CLMUL | ippCPUID_SHA )
#define E9_FM ( Y8_FM | ippCPUID_AVX | ippAVX_ENABLEDBYOS | ippCPUID_RDRAND | ippCPUID_F16C )
#define K0_FM ( L9_FM | ippCPUID_AVX512F )


Do not use any other Intel IPP Cryptography function while ippcpSetCpuFeatures is executing. Otherwise, your application behavior is undefined.


To avoid initialization of internal structures for one Intel® architecture and then call of the processing function that is optimized for another architecture, do not use the ippcpSetCpuFeatures function in chains of Intel IPP Cryptography connected calls like <processing functionGetSize + <processing functionInit + <processing function>. Otherwise, Intel IPP Cryptography functionality behavior is undefined.

Intel IPP Cryptography library supports two internal sets of CPU features:

  • Real CPU features: the features that are supported by the CPU at which the library is executed. These features are read-only and can be obtained with the ippcpGetCpuFeatures function.

  • Enabled features: the features that are enabled externally to Intel IPP Cryptography by the application. These features can be set with ippcpSetCpuFeatures.

The ippcpSetCpuFeatures function provides additional flexibility in measuring performance improvements reached by using specific CPU features. For example, the first call of any Intel IPP Cryptography function in an application running on the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with 64-bit OS installed dispatches the L9 code version optimized for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) with several other features like fast 16-bit floating point support, Intel® AES New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI), PCLMULQDQ new instructions support.

To check performance improvement for all Intel IPP Cryptography functionality reached by using Intel® AVX2, you can run a benchmark for the currently dispatched version of code and then compare performance with the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) version of code with Intel® AVX2 disabled. To disable Intel AVX2, call ippcpSetCpuFeatures(E9_FM). To enable Intel AVX2 back, call ippcpSetCpuFeatures( L9_FM ). Thus, you can use the ippcpSetCpuFeatures function to dispatch any version of Intel IPP Cryptography code and enable/disable specific CPU features. If you are not well familiar with the features of your CPU, use the auto-initialization mechanism for the default library behavior.

Product and Performance Information

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Notice revision #20201201

Return Values


Indicates that the required processor-specific code is successfully set.


Indicates that the specified processor features are not valid. Previously set code is used. If the requested feature is below the minimal supported by the px library - that is Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE) for IA-32 and Intel® SSE2 for Intel® 64 architecture, px code is dispatched.


Indicates that the current CPU does not support at least one of the requested features. If the ippCPUID_NOCHECK bit of the cpuFeatures parameter is set to 1, these not supported features are enabled, otherwise - disabled.


Indicates that at least one of the requested features is unknown. It means that the feature is not defined in the ippdefs.h file. Further behavior of the library depends on known features passed to cpuFeatures. Unknown features are ignored.


Indicates that the combination of features is not correct. For example, ippCPUID_AVX2 bit is set to 1 in cpuFeatures, but at least one of the ippCPUID_MMX, ippCPUID_SSE, …, ippCPUID_AVX bits is not set. All these missing bits, if supported by CPU, are set to 1. This means that if the library supports the Intel® AVX2 code, it also internally uses all known MMX™, Intel® SSE, and Intel® AVX extensions, which are below Intel® AVX2.

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