Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

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Date 12/16/2022
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Performs RSA multi-buffer signature generation using PKCS#1 v1.5 scheme.

This API is deprecated from Intel® IPP Cryptography and is removed since 2021.2 release. It is recommended to switch to Crypto MB library. If you have any concerns, open a ticket and provide feedback at Intel ® online support center.

IppStatus ippsRSA_MB_Sign_PKCS1v15_rmf(const Ipp8u*pMsgs[8],const intmsgLens[8],Ipp8u* constpSignts[8], const IppsRSAPrivateKeyState*pPrvKeys[8], const IppsRSAPublicKeyState*pPubKeys[8], const IppsHashMethod*pMethod, IppStatusstatuses[8], Ipp8u*pBuffer);

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Pointer to the array of messages to be signed.


Pointer to the array of messages lengths.


Pointer to the array of output signatures.


Pointer to the array of preliminary initialized IppsRSAPrivateKeyState contexts.


Pointer to the array of preliminary initialized IppsRSAPublicKeyState contexts.


Pointer to the hash method. For details, see HashMethod functions.


Pointer to the array of execution statuses for each performed operation.


Pointer to a temporary buffer. The size of the buffer must be not less than the value returned by the RSA_MB_GetBufferSizePrivateKey and RSA_MB_GetBufferSizePublicKey functions.

This function computes the message digest specified by the pMethod parameter and generates the message signature according to the RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 scheme defined in [ PKCS 1.2.1 ]. The function can perform up to 8 signature generation operations at once.

Specify parameters for each single signature generation operation under the corresponding index in an input array in accordance with the ippsRSASign_PKCS1v15_rmf function API requirements.

To perform less than 8 operations, set one or more pointers to a context in input context arrays to NULL. In this case, each single operation with the context set to NULL will not be performed, and the function will return ippStsMbWarning . Once the function execution is completed, the statuses array will contain return codes for each single signature generation operation according to the ippsRSASign_PKCS1v15_rmf return values.

  • Sizes of all moduli n in all IppsRSAPublicKeyState contexts in the pPubKeys array must be equal.

  • Sizes and values of all public exponents e in all IppsRSAPublicKeyState contexts in the pPubKeys array must be equal.

  • Types of RSA private keys must be equal.

Return Values


Indicates no error. All single operations executed without errors. Any other value indicates an error or warning.


One or more of performed operations executed with error. Check statuses array for details.


Any of the input parameters is a NULL pointer.


Indicates a mismatch between moduli n sizes in the input contexts.


Indicates a mismatch between types of private keys or exponents e in public keys.


No valid keys were found.

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