Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

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Date 12/16/2022
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Notational Conventions

The code and syntax used in this document for function and variable declarations are written in the ANSI C style. However, versions of Intel IPP for different processors or operating systems may, of necessity, vary slightly.

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In this document, notational conventions include:

  • Fonts used for distinction between the text and the code
  • Naming conventions for different items.

Font Conventions

The following font conventions are used throughout this document:

This type style

Mixed with the uppercase in function names, code examples, and call statements, for example, ippsAdd_BNU.

This type style

Parameters in function prototype parameters and parameters description, for example, pCtx, pSrcMesg.

Naming Conventions

The naming conventions for different items are the same as used by the Intel IPP software.

  • All names of the functions used for cryptographic operations have the ipps prefix. In code examples, you can distinguish the Intel IPP interface functions from the application functions by this prefix.

    In this document, each function is introduced by its short name (without the ipps prefix and descriptors) and a brief description of its purpose.

    The ipps prefix in function names is always used in code examples and function prototypes. In the text, this prefix is omitted when referring to the function group.

  • Each new part of a function name starts with an uppercase character, without underscore, for example, ippsDESInit.

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