Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

ID 768738
Date 12/16/2022
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Computes a public key.


mbx_status mbx_ed25519_public_key_mb8(ed25519_public_key* pa_public_key[8], const ed25519_private_key* const pa_private_key[8]);

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Array of pointers to the public keys of 32 bytes length each.


Array of pointers to the private keys of 32 bytes length each.

The mbx_ed25519_public_key_mb8 function computes public keys pointed by pa_public_key parameter using input private keys pointed by the pa_private_key parameter. Private key is represented as 32-bytes length string that is kept in secret. The length of each computed public key is 32 bytes too.

Return Values

The mbx_ ed25519_public_key_mb8 function returns the status that indicates whether the operation completed successfully or not. The status value of 0 indicates that all operations completed successfully. The error condition can be analyzed by the MBX_GET_STS() call. The result of verification is returned as status too. The MBX_STATUS_OK value means that signature is verified, else status contains MBX_STATUS_SIGNATURE_ERR value.

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