Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

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Date 12/16/2022
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<span class='option'>ExtGet_BN</span>

Extracts the specified combination of the sign, data length, and value characteristics of the integer big number from the input structure.


IppStatus ippsExtGet_BN(IppsBigNumSGN* pSgn, int* pBitSize, Ipp32u* pData, const IppsBigNumState* pBN);

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Pointer to the sign of IppsBigNumState pBN.


Pointer to the length of pData in bits.


Pointer to the data array.


Pointer to the integer big number context IppsBigNumState.

For the integer big number from the input structure, the function extracts the specified combination of the following characteristics: sign, data length, and value. The function is similar to the Get_BN function but more flexible, because any target pointer (pSgn, pBitSize, and/or pData) may be NULL, in which case the appropriate big number characteristic will not be extracted. For example,

ippsExtGet_BN(&sgn, 0,0, pBN); extracts only the sign

ippsExtGet_BN(0, &dataLen, 0, pBN); extracts only the data length

ippsExtGet_BN(&sgn, &dataLen, 0, pBN); extracts the sign and data length

ippsExtGet_BN(0,0,0, pBN); does nothing

ippsExtGet_BN(&sgn, &dataLen, pData, pBN); does exactly what Get_BN does.

Return Values


Indicates no error. Any other value indicates an error or warning.


Indicates an error condition if the pointer to the integer big number of the context is NULL.


Indicates an error condition if the context parameter does not match the operation.

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