Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

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Date 12/16/2022
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Verifies authenticity of the digital signature over a message digest (the Nyberg-Rueppel scheme).


IppStatus ippsECCPVerifyNR(const IppsBigNumState* pMsgDigest, const IppsBigNumState* pSignX, const IppsBigNumState* pSignY, IppECResult* pResult, IppsECCPState* pECC);

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Pointer to the message digest msg.


Pointer to the integer r of the digital signature.


Pointer to the integer s of the digital signature.


Pointer to the digital signature verification result.


Pointer to the context of the elliptic cryptosystem.

The function verifies authenticity of the digital signature over a message digest msg. The signature is presented with two large integers r and s.

The scheme used to compute the digital signature is an elliptic curve analogue of the El-Gamal Digital Signature scheme with the message recovery (the Nyberg-Rueppel signature scheme). The scheme that the given function uses assumes that the following cryptosystem keys be hitherto set up by the message sender:


Message sender's regular private key.

The key can be generated and set up by the function ECCPGenKeyPair.

The result of the digital signature verification can take one of two possible values:


The digital signature is valid.


The digital signature is not valid.

The call to the ECCPVerifyNR function must be preceded by the call to the ECCPSignNR function which computes the digital signature over the message digest msg and represents the signature with two numbers: r and s.

The elliptic curve domain parameters must be hitherto defined by one of the functions: ECCPSet or ECCPSetStd.

For more information on digital signatures, please refer to the [ANSI] standard.

Return Values


Indicates no error. Any other value indicates an error or warning.


Indicates an error condition if any of the specified pointers is NULL.


Indicates an error condition if one of the contexts pointed by pMsgDigest, pSignX, pSignY, or ECC is not valid.


Indicates an error condition if the value of msg pointed by pMsgDigest falls outside the range of [1, n-1] where n is the order of the elliptic curve base point G.


Indicates an error condition if the value of pSignX or pSignY is less than 0.

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