Cryptography for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Developer Reference

ID 768738
Date 12/16/2022
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Example of Using Discrete-logarithm Based Primitive Functions

Use of DLPSignDSA and DLPVerifyDSA

      // known domain parameters
      static const int M = 512; // DSA system bitsize
      static const int L = 160; // DSA order  bitsize
      BigNumber P("0x8DF2A494492276AA3D25759BB06869CBEAC0D83AFB8D0CF7" \
                  "CBB8324F0D7882E5D0762FC5B7210EAFC2E9ADAC32AB7AAC" \
      BigNumber Q("0xC773218C737EC8EE993B4F2DED30F48EDACE915F");
      BigNumber G("0x626D027839EA0A13413163A55B4CB500299D5522956CEFCB" \
                  "3BFF10F399CE2C2E71CB9DE5FA24BABF58E5B79521925C9C" \
      // known DSA regular key pair
      BigNumber X("0x2070B3223DBA372FDE1C0FFC7B2E3B498B260614");
      BigNumber Y("0x19131871D75B1612A819F29D78D1B0D7346F7AA77BB62A85" \
                  "9BFD6C5675DA9D212D3A36EF1672EF660B8C7C255CC0EC74" \
      int DSAsign_verify_sample(void)
         // DLP context
         IppsDLPState *DLPState = newDLP(M, L);
         // set up DLP crypto system
         ippsDLPSet(P, Q, G, DLPState);
        // message
         Ipp8u message[] = "abc";
         // compute message digest to be signed
         Ipp8u md[SHA1_DIGEST_LENGTH/8];
         ippsSHA1MessageDigest(message, sizeof(message)-1, md);
         BigNumber digest(0, BITS_2_WORDS(SHA1_DIGEST_LENGTH));
         ippsSetOctString_BN(md, SHA1_DIGEST_LENGTH/8, digest);
         // generate ephemeral key pair (ephX,ephY)
         BigNumber ephX(0, BITS_2_WORDS(L));
         BigNumber ephY(0, BITS_2_WORDS(M));
         IppsPRNGState* pRand = newPRNG();
         ippsDLPGenKeyPair(ephX, ephY, DLPState, ippsPRNGen, pRand);
         // generate signature
         BigNumber signR(0, BITS_2_WORDS(L));      // R and S signature's component
         BigNumber signS(0, BITS_2_WORDS(L));
         ippsDLPSetKeyPair(ephX, ephY, DLPState);  // set up ephemeral keys
         ippsDLPSignDSA(digest, X,                 // sign digest
                        signR, signS,
         // verify signature
         ippsDLPSetKeyPair(0, Y, DLPState);        // set up regular public key
         IppDLResult result;
         ippsDLPVerifyDSA(digest, signR,signS,     // verify
                          &result, DLPState);
         // remove actual keys from context and release resource
         ippsDLPInit(M, L, DLPState);
         return result==ippDLValid;

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