Tutorial: Using Auto Vectorization with Intel® Fortran Compiler

ID 758497
Date 4/11/2022

Preparing the Sample Application

In this tutorial, you will use the following files:

  • driver.f90

  • matvec.f90

Setting the Environment Variables

Before you can use the compiler, you must first set the environment variables by running the compiler environment script compilervars.sh or compilervars.csh with an argument that specifies the target architecture.

To set the environment variables:

  1. Open a terminal session.

  2. Run one of the scripts with the appropriate architecture argument. The following example uses compilervars.sh:

    source <install-dir>/bin/compilervars.sh <arg>

    where <install-dir> is the directory structure containing the /bin directory and <arg> is one of the following architecture arguments:


    Compiler and libraries for IA-32 architecture only


    Compiler and libraries for Intel® 64 architecture only

    IA-32 is not available on macOS*.

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