A Snapshot of Our People

    Seeing Progress on Key Fronts

    Mid-Year Program Summary

    Achieved Upswing in Diverse New Hires

    In addition to exceeding our annual 40% diversity hire goal, we have seen an 11% increase in senior-level female employees and a 19% increase in senior-level African American employees.

    Signed Scholarship Deals for Minorities

    Intel has entered into agreements with Oakland Unified School District, the National GEM Consortium, and Georgia Tech to increase scholarship funding to underrepresented minorities in engineering.

    Increased Spending on Inclusive Suppliers

    Through the first half of the year, $117 million of an annual commitment of $250 million has been spent on diverse-owned businesses across the supply chain.

    Approved $17 Million in VC for New Businesses

    To date, $17 million in venture funding has been invested in four minority-owned firms, representing 13% of a $125 million commitment over the next five years.

    The Intel Vision for Diversity

    As technology and markets continue to evolve, building and growing a workforce that is fully representative of the customers we serve and communities in which we operate is paramount to our success.

    Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer, Intel

    Intel believes that diversity drives better business results and a more vibrant technology industry. For this reason, we have set significant demographic representation goals and an aggressive timeline within which they will be achieved.

    Supported by bold leadership actions, measurable employee compensation plans, and significant investment in executive training, Intel has committed to five core programs to help attain our diversity goals:

            1. Achieve full workforce representation through focused hiring and retention programs.

            2. Grow the pipeline of technical talent for the industry at large.

            3. Improve diversity in our supply chain and vendors.

            4. Invest in diverse entrepreneurs of emerging technologies.

            5. Support women in gaming.

    Our Path Forward is Clear

    While we are only six months into a multiyear effort, Intel has already learned valuable lessons that will feed our ongoing mission to:

        • Focus on hiring a diverse employee base.

        • Grow the talent pipeline by supporting future tech leaders.

        • Improve diversity across the Intel supply chain.

        • Fund diverse and inclusive up-and-coming businesses

        • Set the tech industry standard for diversity and transparency.

    Maintaining Diversity at Intel

    Employee Resource Groups

    Intel encourages employee connection through our network of Intel Chartered Employee Resource Groups, which unite around a significant common affinity or element of personal identity.

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    Alliances and Industry Engagements

    Through strong alliances with national organizations, we drive industry-wide recognition and support the advancement of women, underrepresented minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

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