Viking Days from Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt

Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt from VR Monkey shows off their new game, Viking Days.

Hello. My name is Pedro Kayatt. I'm from VR Monkey and I'm an Intel® Innovator. I'm showing Viking Days here at GDC 2018. Viking Days is a game that makes mini games exciting. So when you are using virtual reality you can use the motion controls to really live like a Viking.

So you need to throw axes at targets. You need to run from giants. You need to face dragons. Everything that you want as a viking like drinking beer, you have it, just using our NUC 8 VR machine.

We are very excited about Viking Days because it's a game where you have fun. You just grab it and you play it. You don't need to wait for tutorials. You don't need to wait for a story. You just live like a viking.

And with such a small machine as the NUC 8, we can just take it, go to our friend's house, and show it to other people. It doesn't need to be a bulky PC that I need to invite people to my room and have set up. It's great.

Being an Intel innovator is great because the guys from Intel, they're great. They have so much support for us. They have invited us here to show our game at GDC. They have given us so many hints in what is coming from Intel. So they want us to show them what we need, and they try to show us what they are creating.

That's really amazing because as an innovator I am a step ahead of other people. I have content and things that I can't say to other people because Intel is creating things. It's trying to innovate. That's why we are innovators. If you want to know more about VR Monkey, just go to as we are a Brazilian company. Thank you.