Untethered VR with HP* Z VR Backpack and Arizona Sunshine

Take a look at the new HP Z VR Backpack playing Vertigo Games' Arizona Sunshine at SIGGRAPH 2017! There is nothing like going untethered and fighting zombies to get you through an event like SIGGRAPH!

Hello, everybody. My name is David Nassau. We're here at SIGGRAPH showcasing Arizona Sunshine playing extremely well in our Intel Core i7 platforms. 

Today we have it being showcased on the HP Z VR Backpack that's running an Intel Core i7-7820hq. Intel and HP have been working together for a number of years. And obviously, this new HP Z VR Backpack is the next step in working on the most innovative products together. 

As a result, we're able to get extremely immersive virtual reality experiences, like Arizona Sunshine. Gamers can get the most immersive, realistic, virtual reality experience in addition to just the premium gaming experiences on the best, most powerful i7 processors. This includes a number of features and physics. 

They're able to see here, with Arizona Sunshine, including some zombie mutilation, in addition to some destruction physics, explosion physics, and particle effects. Having a fully untethered experience allows you to get the most immersive premium VR experience possible. That includes being able to turn around on a dime, especially if you're scared in a virtual reality experience, and not risk damaging your computer or taking you out of the immersion of the game itself. 

Intel's been engaged with a number of developers, both in the virtual reality space and non-VR space. And by doing so, we're enabling some of the most immersive, realistic, and just overall best gameplay experiences on Intel Core platforms. Specifically in VR, we're getting the most immersive opportunities on our Intel Core i7 platforms. And within the non-VR areas, we're able to get the highest quality compute process on high powerful games, and also running on the mainstream graphics. 

If you're interested in learning more, please go to software.intel.com/gamedev.