The Intel® Software Defined Visualization Appliance and the Ospray Distributed Ray Tracing System

Take a glance at the newest Intel® Software Defined Visualization Appliance, and see how well it works with OSPRay's interactive CPU rendering capabilities!

Hi, my name's Mike Casscles. And I am at SIGGRAPH 2017 here in Los Angeles. And behind me is the new Intel Software Defined Visualization, or SDVis appliance. 

This appliance includes all of the software necessary for rendering and software development. It includes eight Xeon Phi 7250 68 core processing systems that do all of our rendering for us. And now we're going the demo with OSPRay and Embree what this appliance is capable of doing with visualization in rendering. 

Hello, my name is Carson Brownlee. I'm part of the Ray Tracing Team here as part of OSPRay at Intel. I'll be showing our OSPRay ray tracing system, running with our optimized ray tracing kernels, Embree, showing CPU rendering at real time rates on a distributed memory system. With our software, we can run real time with fully path traced scenes up to terabytes in size on distributed memory systems. 

This is an example of our OSPRay distributed ray tracing system that utilizes our CPU ray tracing kernel library, Embree. We have this running on an [? 8K ?] node mini cluster. We get real time rendering updates, full reflections. We support motion blur over a time series. And running on eight nodes allows us to get real time rates for very quick updates. 

So you can see here that in addition to real time path tracing, we can do interactive rendering of large scale scientific datasets. In this case, we have 200 gigabytes of volumetric data from a climate modeling simulation from DKRZ in Germany. And here we can interactively step through each of the time series with everything fully loaded in memory. And this is running on a single node of our mini cluster here with 200 gigabytes of memory. 

You can get more information about the Software Defined Visualization appliance Colfax's website. And you can find more information about the software rendering packages at

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