The First Animated TV Show Made in Unreal 4: Zafari!

Take a moment to learn about the first animated show made within a game engine, Zafari! This innovative new show was created inside Epic's Unreal 4 engine!

Hey, guys. Welcome to SIGGRAPH. My name is Louis-Simon Menard. I'm the owner and CEO of Visual Dimension. We are an animation company based out of Montreal, Canada. And we're here to present to you the first ever TV show fully made with Epic, with the Unreal Engine. And it is distributed, or will be distributed soon, worldwide by NBC Universal Dreamworks. 

Zafari is a show about-- that celebrates diversity. It is a show about animals that find themselves at the foot of the Kilimanjaro, and that suddenly realize that they are very different than traditional animals. So it is a show with very good values, I believe. Values that you certainly want to share with a child and that celebrates diversity and acceptance. 

The main partners on this show have been, obviously, Intel. Nvidia as well. Of course, here in Asus. And we want to take a few minutes to thank you very, very much for all the support that you've given us. Its been a pleasure working and to keep working with you on this amazing project. I'll hand it off to our CTO, Pierre Blaizeau who can give you a bit more information on the show. 

Hi, my name is Pierre Blaizeau. I'm the CTO of Digital Dimension in Montreal. We are here, as Louis-Simon said, presenting project Zafari. [? 52 ?] observed time, 10 [? minutes. ?] We've done everything in Unreal Engine for production-- extreme production velocity. 

We are producing one episode a week. The show starts to air in October. But there's a little catch. There is one episode that we've produced for the show. It's final. It's beautiful. 

And it actually runs in real time. So you can see it runs at around 40 frames per second. It's fully interactive. I can change the camera in real time during the episode. 

I can post the contents and actually browse the world, choose the camera angle, release and continue to play the show. This opens the door to potential interactive content with consoles or distributed machines, can frame the, actually, real time rendered content. With an interactive mechanism, we can change the content of the show, change the narrative. So it opens new doors. 

That's the first stepping stone in that direction. And we are very excited to show that at SIGGRAPH. You can contact us at There's always someone will answer you. My name is Pierre Blaizeau. I'm pretty easy to find on social media-- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or real life.