The End of Tomorrow by Intel® Software Innovators from Edsenses

The End of Tomorrow pits humans against robots in a vivid VR experience. It was produced by Intel® Software Innovators from Edsenses.

Hi. I'm Eric, I'm from Edsenses.

Hello. I'm Alice. I'm from Edsenses.

We created a game, The End of Tomorrow, and we're here at GDC. The End of Tomorrow is a game that talks about a future where humanity ends and you're reborn.

For this game, players not only shoot the enemies, but there are a lot of missions that the player needs to complete. So, for example, what kind of actions they take, whether they will save some refugees or not, will lead to a different consequence. So there are a lot of puzzles that it needs the players to solve. So it's not a very simple combat or shooting game, but it's also a game with a very impressive story, and also a very exciting game that will give you a lot of fun during your creation of the mission.

It's a very VR immersive game, so the great thing about this is it's really physically immersive. So you can jump around and you can experience the building collapse. And you can also experience the enemies suddenly jumping in front of you really huge. So there's all different kinds of surprise and excitement, so it's really a cool experience to share our experience and technology.

When they invited us to GDC, she helped us arrange everything the first night they came for the GDC. So thanks a lot to Intel Innovator Program, and we can demonstrate our game for you.

You can go to our website,, where you can find all of the updates and information there.

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