Get an overview of this video series, which is based on a course that covers an optimized data science path using Intel® architecture.

Hi. I am Meghana Rao. And this is the AI from the Data Center to the Edge video series. This video series is based on Intel's new featured course that covers an optimized data science path using Intel® architecture. The goal of this video series is to walk through each component of the course and give you the prerequisites, course content, structure, time required to complete the course, and how to get started.

The course will help you solve AI problems using [the Intel®] hardware and software portfolio with a minimal learning curve.

Do you have a real-world problem that you're ready to solve using AI? This video series can give you the building blocks to get started. Let's start with the data science process covered in this course.

Any AI problem involves defining the challenge at hand, identifying the approach and complexity of potential solutions, identifying ethical, security, and legal values and constraints, putting together a team, identifying technology choices, collecting and preparing data, training a model, and ultimately deploying the solution. Through a hands-on example of an image classification problem, this course will teach you how you can use [the] Intel® AI Portfolio of hardware and optimize software and apply them to the stages in this data science workflow.

The focus will be on exploratory data analysis, training a deep learning model, model analysis, and deploying on Intel® CPU, integrated graphics, and Intel Neural Compute Stick [sic]. Each video in the series will provide a glimpse into the course content for these phases. The course requires some working knowledge of machine learning and deep learning principles, coding, and Python*, with exposure to the TensorFlow* framework.

You will find lectures and Jupyter* notebooks for each chapter [and] web code essentials to learn the foundational concepts. It is a self-based course, and we anticipate four to five hours to complete it.

Thanks for watching this episode of AI from the Data Center to the Edge. Make sure to check out the links to register for the course, and join me in the next episode to get an overview of [the Intel®] AI Portfolio.