New Features in Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Ian Bragg and Seth Schneider talk about some of the new features you can find in the latest release of Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA).

Hey, I'm Ian Bragg with Intel® Software. We are here at GDC 2018. We're at the Intel booth. I have a chance to talk with Seth about Intel GPA.

Seth, tell me what you're showing here, man.

Yeah, we're showing Intel® GPA over here, working on both Fortnite* and Space Pirate Trainer, showcasing our brand new release of Intel GPA.

That sounds great. So what's new about it?

Yeah, yeah, we've got some really interesting features that actually helped us optimize both Fortnite and Space Pirate Trainer, specifically the hotspot mode. So now, what you can do with hotspot mode is, it's pretty interesting. Basically, we reorder your frame in order to figure out where your GP bottlenecks are. It makes optimizing for Intel® graphics even easier.

Very nice. So if this [ were] game by game, what is it here? So tell me which one.

Yeah, so let's start with Fortnite, right? You know, it's been a long term engagement. We've been working directly with Epic*. It's been a really, really great ride.

Huge game right now.

Huge game, huge game. So we're really excited to have it running well on Intel graphics. You know, we've been using the tool to basically pinpoint exactly where those bottlenecks are.

Optimization is a never-ending process, right? It's always through the game development process, we're always optimizing, taking captures with GPA and getting that awesome performance experience.

I'm sure all the developers out there know about optimizing and the toils it goes through. So you guys help make it easier, basically.

Yeah, yeah, exactly, right? And I mean, you can optimize all the way down to even, you know, crazier form factors, too. So for instance, moving on to Space Pirate Trainer, you know, we're showing a [? Cabulade ?] NUC you know, which is basically a laptop form vector part, running in VR and Windows* mixed reality.

That's awesome.

Yeah, it's really, really neat. So you know, we've used the tool to be able to actually squeeze out every inch of performance in a really, really compelling experience, running Space Pirate Trainer on an Intel dock.

Thanks for for coming, Seth. Really appreciate it.


Like I said I'm Ian, here at GDC 2018, at the Intel both. We're going to be showing more from the overall booth. Keep on watching.