Analyze Applications with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

This video shows how to launch a DirectX* graphics application using the Graphics Monitor feature on a Windows* host system.

For additional details and documentation, see Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers.

This video will show you how to launch and analyze a Microsoft DirectX* application with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers.

To analyze a DirectX Application, you first need to launch Graphics Monitor on your Windows* host system. To do so double click the Graphics Monitor icon.

A window will immediately appear, showing icons for the most recently analyzed applications. If the application you would like to launch is not one of the current icons, select the […] button to find the desired application on your host system.

Before launching the title, settings can be changed through the options button. Live performance metrics, keyboard hotkeys, trigger, and event tracing settings can all be adjusted to fit your analysis needs.

To begin live analysis return to the home screen and hit the “start” button. Making sure to select the appropriate graphics API for the application.

The application opens for real-time analysis with the Heads-Up Display or HUD in the top-left corner of the application window. Use Ctrl+F1 to toggle between the different HUD modes that show frame rate, real time performance metrics, and HUD controls.

Now you can perform live system-level analysis of your application.