Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2018 R4 Release

Learn about Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) 2018 R4 release featuring and update to Trace Analyzer to feature both a brand-new UI as well as an improved capture system, added additional features in Graphics Frame Analyzer, and enhanced the Graphics Monitor workflow.

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Hi. I'm just Giselle Gomez from Intel, here to tell you about the exciting new features in the Intel GPA 2018 R4 release.

Our team has revamped Trace Analyzer to feature both a brand new UI, as well as an improved capture system, added additional features in Graphics Frame Analyzer, and enhanced the Graphics Monitor Workflow.

Google Trace Viewer has been removed from Trace Analyzer in favor of a new UI that enhances responsiveness and features movable and removable event tracks, customizable color schemes, searchable events, and intuitive selection highlighting. Additionally, Trace Analyzer captures more detailed traces with less overhead than its predecessor. To take advantage of the new Trace Analyzer functionality, ensure that tracing is enabled before launching an application through Graphics Monitor.

On Windows and Ubuntu systems, users have two additional functionalities in the Open Frame Capture window within Graphics Frame Analyzer. To quickly share a frame and store it outside of the default file location, select the desired frame to share and click the Show Frame in Folder button in the Open Frame Capture window. Use the pop-up File Manager to copy and paste the target frame from its current location to another more accessible location. Frames can also be pinned to the top of the Open Frame Capture window, allowing all frames of high interest to be easily within reach.

Graphics Monitor's workflow has received a small boost with the implementation of a few new features. Users can now quickly set any required environment variables within the UI before launching an application. With the addition of a Stop button, users can also exit out of any title currently being profiled from within Graphics Monitor. This can be helpful when applications stop responding or processes do not exit cleanly.

Lastly, Graphics Monitor now intelligently determines which API is currently being profiled, removing the guesswork when profiling titles by taking away the need to specify which API is being targeted.

Thank you for watching. For more information about the Intel GPA 2018 R4 release and to download GPA for free, see the links. Remember to like this video and subscribe to the Intel Software YouTube channel for more Intel GPA news and updates.