Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2018 R2 Release

Learn about Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2018 R2 release featuring additions to System Analyzer and Frame Analyzer for OpenGL* macOS* applications. We've also added support for the new Intel® Hades Canyon NUCs, and the addied new experiments to Frame Analyzer. 

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I'm Seth Schneider, here to tell you about the exciting new features in the Intel GPA 2018 R2 release. We've added metrics to System Analyzer and Frame Analyzer for OpenGL Macos applications, added support for the new Intel Hades Canyon Nucs, and added some new experiments to Frame Analyzer. Remember to download Intel GPA for free in the links provided. 

Intel GPA now fully supports profiling OpenGL applications on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4 and above. To see real-time metric values, simply open System Analyzer, select the System View, and drag over GP metrics to view the real-time values. 

For single frame metrics, open and OpenGL frame capture within Graphics Frame Analyzer. Once the frame is opened, you'll notice that the Metrics tab will be populated with GPU metrics, and the Hotspot analysis feature will now be enabled. 

In addition to Mac OS open geometrics, we have also added metric support for the Radeon RX Vega MGPU inside the Intel Hades Canyon Nuc. Once a frame has been captured, you can choose to either play the frame back on the Intel HD graphics, or the Radeon RX Vega M graphics. After selecting the Radeon RX Vega MGPU for playback, open the frame. 

Looking at the Metrics tab, you will now see a list of available GC encounters. Hotspot mode and Metrics Analysis mode are not available for GC encounters. 

Graphics Frame Analyzer has had a highly requested experiment out of this release. Users can now select a single input texture and replace it with a two-by-two texture. GPA will then play back the frame, generate the new output, and show the performance delta in the Metrics tab. 

Thank you for watching. For more information about the Intel GPA 2018 R2 release, follow the links provided. And remember to like this video and subscribe to the Intel Software YouTube channel for more Intel GPA news and updates.