Intel kicks off SIGGRAPH 2021 with ten technical sessions partnering with renowned content creators and industry leaders (Autodesk*, Chapeau Studios, Dassault Systèmes, and Foundry*), and a keynote by Jim Jeffers, senior director of Intel’s Advanced Rendering and Visualization Group. Discord* talks on August 9, 10, and 11 connect the audience directly with innovation leaders: Frederic Servant of Autodesk, Ben Looram of Chapeau Studios, and Jim Jeffers to share insights on where the future of graphics innovation is heading. Along with attending the tech sessions, visit Intel’s virtual booth to see demonstrations on the beauty of unleashed ray racing for interactive renderings that push the boundaries for graphics, path tracing, compute, simulation, 3D design, and AI. All this, plus more, is possible using Intel’s comprehensive, end-to-end flexible platform with open, unified heterogeneous programming to deliver high-performance, high-fidelity photo-realistic renderings that scale end-to-end on laptops, workstations, HPC, and cloud.

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No transistor, no pixel, no developer left behind.

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