Conqueror's Blade: An Immersive Experience on Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture

Experience medieval warfare across ancient Eastern and Western civilizations with accurately recreated weapons and fighting styles of legendary armies. Command generals and their legions in pursuit of victory in a massively immersive open world. This demonstration showcases Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) and a differentiated experience with more core.

Hello, everyone, I'm Xi Wang, producer for Conqueror's Blade. We are here at GDC.

Conqueror's Blade is mid-age warfare games. We're trying to bring everything about war. So from recruiting your troops and training your troops, get all the armor crafting, all the armors. And also, the combat part is most exciting part of the game. And we are selecting the [INAUDIBLE] weapon and gunpowder era together, so it's mixing of the blade and the cannon.

So trying to make the most immersive experience for gamer, we need to support thousands of the troopers on the screen at same time. So we have to design our own engine, which is super efficient to render massive characters. And we have team collaboration with Intel, and so we do a bunch of optimization for the multi-core. So you can enjoy the full-range 60 frame per second action game card of gameplay, and also you can see a massive troopers around you, giving you the really intensive combat experience.

The most interesting thing about the Conqueror's Blade gameplay is the a lot of dimension of the war. So because of era between the [INAUDIBLE] weapon and the gunpowder. So you can use your sword and your shield to fight. More than that, you can using the cannon, you can using the battering ram, you can using siege tower. So all this stuff create a lot of complexity and dynamics of the battlefield. That make the combat more interesting.

Beyond the combat, we have a big world. A big world is 5,000 square kilometer big. So we can support more than maybe 1 million gamer, and each of them then created their own house and their own kingdom. So it's purely sandbox, which means we have no definition of the territory. And this all relies on the gamer to create his own organizations. That's something we think is really cool, because that path will allow the gamers see each other and to have more depth of the gameplay.

We just finished the closed beta in last week, so we probably quickly will go to the open beta. So we hope the gamer can play the game in the next two or three months.

We have a lot of cool stuff we want to share with you guys, but we don't have enough time. So if you want to figure out more detail, please go to our website, which is It has everything you want.