An Overview of the Intel® AI Portfolio

Get an introduction to the Intel® AI Portfolio through a real business use case. Learn how to deploy AI from anywhere.

Hi. I'm Meghana, and this is the AI from the Data Center to the Edge video series. In this episode, we introduce Intel's AI Portfolio of hardware and optimized software. Through a real-world business use case, we show you how using Intel's AI Portfolio of products helps you solve AI challenges.

Let's start out with a brief explanation of Intel's hardware portfolio. With Intel, you can deploy AI anywhere with unprecedented hardware choices. Be it in the device, edge, or multi-cloud segments, Intel has processors and dedicated accelerators that can be used for training and influence.

Now, let's talk about the Intel AI software portfolio. Whether you are an application developer, a data scientist, or a library developer, Intel offers tool kits, libraries, and kernels for your use. Using Intel-optimized frameworks and libraries on Intel® hardware helps you develop optimized AI solutions across industry verticals, be it in health care, consumer, finance, energy, or any other.

To provide you with context, the episode shows an Intel case study of industrial defect detection that uses Intel's AI Portfolio across the data science workflow we introduced earlier. With this understanding of Intel's AI Portfolio and a business use case, let's define an AI challenge and work through the various steps of data preparation, training, and deployment.

In this series of videos, we will introduce you to each of these stages: exploratory data analysis, deep neural network model training, model analysis, and deployment to the edge.

Thanks for watching this episode of AI from the Data Center to the Edge. Make sure to check out the links to the distro for the course, and join me in the next episode to learn more about exploratory data analysis.