The 2021.1 release of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit adds support for audio, speech, language, machine translation, recommender systems, and more. Now, developers can use deep-learning inference to build machines that listen, feel, and recognize patterns beyond computer vision.

Join OpenVINO™ toolkit experts, Julie Maas, Neelay Shah, Anthony Reina, and Zoe Cayetano for an overview of the new beyond-vision support built into the latest release of the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, which includes:

  • A walkthrough of available development resources, including a framework to process audio inputs, pretrained models, and fine-tune recipes for network compression.
  • Use cases including voice-enabled and contactless retail kiosks, and those use cases that enable the discovery of new pharmaceuticals and manufacturing methods with biomedical text search.
  • Live coding demonstration for audio analytics, automatic speech recognition, and natural language processing.

Other Resources

Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit: Download the 2021.1 release to take advantage of the latest updates.

Zoe Cayatano
Product manager, Intel Corporation

Passionate about democratizing technology access for everyone and working on projects with outsized impact on the world, Zoe is a product manager for AI and IoT who is working on various interdisciplinary business and engineering problems. Prior to Intel, she was a data science researcher for a particle accelerator at Arizona State University, where she analyzed electron beam dynamics of novel X-ray lasers that were used for crystallography, quantum materials, and bioimaging. She holds bachelor’s degrees in applied physics and business.

Julie Maas
Product manager, Platform Management and Customer Engineering in the Internet of Things Group (IOTG), Intel Corporation

Julie is responsible for driving opportunities for Multimodal Sensemaking across IOTG’s developer offering for software products and tools.

Neelay Shah
Sensing and media analytics architect, Intel Corporation

Neelay is responsible for providing developer tools and solutions that accelerate time to market for Intel’s customers. He works to simplify the deployment of optimized analytics to solve real-world problems. Since 2016, Neelay has been advancing the state of sensing and media analytics in intelligent systems, integrating new technologies into consumer laptops, such as sensor-based adaptive performance, display, and wake. Intel® User Awareness Service (Intel® UAS) was recognized at CES* in 2019 as part of Intel’s Innovation Excellence Program in partnership with top laptop manufacturers. With the explosion of video and media analytics, Neelay now works to accelerate new media analytics use cases at the edge and in the cloud. Neelay graduated from Williams College with a bachelor of arts in computer science, and from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with a master's degree in computer science specializing in machine learning. He was a 2006 Siebel Scholar and an inaugural member of the UIUC creative writing MFA program. He does not believe in spare time, but away from his laptop he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, biking, reading, writing, listening to the Grateful Dead, cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs and spending time with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and two boys.



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