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We are thankful to work with amazing partners who span all spectrums of gaming from indie to AAA studios. Read how they have applied Intel® technology to their products and what they have to say about partnering with Intel.

Game Dev Partners Speak at Gamescom 2019

Learn how Intel technology has been incorporated into games to enhance performance and user experience.

"With Intel, we managed to raise the bar significantly on frame rate and visuals with A Total War Saga: Troy. PC gamers can enjoy the game on Intel® Iris® Xᵉ and Intel® Iris® Xᵉ MAX at 1080p resolution and at higher graphics settings than ever before on a portable device. We are providing a truly remarkable experience for our Total War fans who enjoy playing on the go."

— Sergey Miloykov, technical director, Creative Assembly Sofia

“We are very impressed with the levels of performance at low power that the 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel Iris Xᵉ and Intel Iris Xᵉ MAX Graphics delivers. PUBG’s performance on 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel Iris Xᵉ and Intel Iris Xᵉ MAX graphics is particularly notable because it’s achieved while maintaining low-power consumption in thin-and-light platforms.

That fact that Intel is bringing this level of gaming performance to low-power platforms should be extremely encouraging for millions of gamers worldwide. We can’t wait to see how this fosters 1080p performance within our community.”

— Lee ChangHo, vice president, head of game tech unit, KRAFTON*

“We’re seeing a surprising performance boost on Intel Iris Xᵉ and Intel Iris Xᵉ MAX platforms–up to 2x the performance of Ice Lake. With this level of performance, we can deliver significantly richer visuals to users of thin-and-light laptops. In addition, we’re actively working with Intel engineers to implement variable-rate shading in Ring of Elysium and look forward to unlocking even better gaming experiences with it.”

— Frank An, technical director, Aurora Studio

“By incorporating variable-rate shading and async compute into Grid at Codemasters*, we’ve found new ways to support gamers around the world to experience higher FPS without sacrificing visual fidelity when playing on 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel Iris Xᵉ and Intel Iris Xᵉ MAX graphics.”

— Mark Green, development director, Codemasters*

“Microsoft* / The Coalition’s Gears Tactics harnesses power of the new 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel Iris Xᵉ and Intel Iris Xᵉ MAX graphics, enabling new features like variable-rate shading and async compute. Variable-rate shading and async compute reduces the pixel complexity of a scene to effectively give Gears Tactics a performance boost without sacrificing visual fidelity. Async compute allows the game to perform certain graphics workloads in parallel, fully utilizing the power of the GPU, bringing an incredible new game to market. Not only did the game have to live up to series expectations as a graphics showcase, it had to seamlessly scale across thin-and-light notebooks, ultra-powerful desktops and device configurations yet to come, including those featuring the Xᵉ graphics architecture debuting this year.”

— Cam McRae, technical director, The Coalition

“Our work with Intel has had the most noticeable effect, giving us the ability to create units of epic proportion based on the availability of more powerful CPUs and greater overall system resources.”

— Charlie Dell, technical director, Creative Assembly

“We’re thrilled to have Intel on board as a partner and collaborator on the Planet Zoo games. It’s been an amazing collaboration so far. We both strive to achieve high quality results and give gamers a wild and beautiful gaming experience.”

— Bo de Vries, lead community manager, Frontier Developments

“Intel has been fantastic helping us optimize our Mount & Blade* II: Bannerlord custom-built game engine. By exploiting multiple cores and scaling dynamically, we can have bigger, more exciting battles on systems including the latest generation Intel® Graphics [Technology].”

— Callum McGlinchey, community manager, TaleWorlds Entertainment

“Advances in Intel technology—mainly multithreading—enabled us to do more with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. By loading the game and the intelligence on separate threads, we can do more with the CPU. Future editions will capitalize on this Intel goodness.”

— Bert Beeckman, project lead, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Microsoft*

“In Anno 1880*, we have millions of citizens active—all these interactions being processed under the hood. It’s important for us to support a wide range of systems. Working with Intel, we optimized the game for the latest processor technologies and integrated graphics.”

— Marcel Hatam, international brand manager, Ubisoft*

“Intel has played a crucial role in the development of SYNCED: Off-Planet, bringing their engineering team to our studio, providing suggestions and guidance throughout. Daily communication with their team helped us integrate or optimize elements without delay.”

— Vladislav Perge, senior game operations manager, NEXT Studios and Tencent Games*

“Intel supported us during the development of The Riftbreaker*, providing hardware consulting and testing as we optimized the game for Intel®-based devices. Multithreading lets players enjoy thousands of different monsters in a spectacular game experience.”

— Wojciech Lekki, chief executive officer, EXOR Studios*

“Working with Intel on Maneater* has been great. Running and testing our games on the latest hardware from Intel, including higher-end processors, such as the Intel® Core™ i9+ processor, lets us push the physics and effects to a whole new level.”

— John Gibson, president and co-owner, Tripwire Interactive

“As participants in the Intel® Game Developer program, we’ve seen many benefits. Huge games, like Desperados* III, require lots of processing, so it’s really important to have hardware, such as an Intel-based platform, [that is] capable of handling all the background calculations.”

— Reinier Goyvaerts, 3D artist and user interface designer, Mimimi Games

“One amazing thing our partnership with Intel allowed us to do on World of Tanks* is [to] get the absolute best game experience from even low-spec [sic] systems. Everybody with a multicore processor can now get amazing graphics and double or triple the level of game performance.”

— David Baggley, video content manager,*

“We are incredibly excited to be partnered with Intel. Working with Intel on Marvel* Avengers ensures an optimized experience for this PC game, and we expect it to be one of the best-looking games ever made. We are going to make it the perfect gaming experience on a PC.”

— Rich Briggs, senior brand director, Crystal Dynamics*

“We have worked with Intel for many years on a bunch of our titles, including the latest Dynasty Mode of Total War: Three Kingdoms*. The optimizations from Intel improved our battle engine—a benefit for the players—and for future game designs.”

— Al Bickham, development communications manager, Total War team, Creative Assembly (SEGA*)

“During development of Starpoint Gemini 3, we got support from Intel on both the hardware and software sides, including tools to manage game processes and optimization for Intel® Optane™ technology. All of this helped us deliver a better game experience.”

— Mario Mihokovic, chief executive officer, Little Green Men Games

“We're not only building a game that is very personal to us, it's something that other people want to experience and share. Intel has provided support with social networks, including Facebook*, Twitter*, and Instagram* posts. Campaigns like these create a lot of impressions over a period of time—the [more] familiarity you get with a product, the more often you see it.”

— Robert Taylor, cofounder and engineer of Afterburner Studios

“It has been Intel all the way since we introduced the OMEN by HP* desktop in 2016. The relationship is very strong—from product development through designing the roadmap and shaping the experience as we go to market. We learned from Intel’s playbook on esports too.”

— Ricardo N. Silva, senior director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), consumer notebooks category, HP

“Given the pedigree of Intel, when they side with a developer, it legitimizes them.”

— Svante Vinternatt, 10 Chambers Collective

“Hardware collaboration and marketing opportunities make Intel a key business partner.”

— Igor Gajic, public relations and marketing manager, Little Green Men Games

“Intel’s support was integral with expanded outreach, promotion, and development assistance.”

— Chad Moldenhauer, studio co-director, Studio MDHR*

“The article and influencer collaborations, marketing, and social support were all strong.”

— Guy Costantini, vice president of global marketing, Skydance* Media

“Intel has been a tremendous business partner in terms of providing key support for technology initiatives and creating innovative co-marketing programs.”

— Mike Schmitt, marketing director, Tripwire Interactive

“Working with the Intel team was a pleasure. Thanks to Intel’s newsletter and social media support, we are able to reach an audience that might have not heard about The Sinking City* in the first place. And it always helps to have a big name like Intel backing your game.”

— Sergey Oganesyan, marketing manager, Frogwares

“Nightdive Studios is an acknowledged leader in the remastering and modernization of classic computer games including titles such as Turok*System Shock*, and most recently, Blood: Fresh Supply. We rely on tools from our partner, Intel, to ensure that our games are optimized for the widest range of computers possible. This has had a direct impact on sales. We couldn’t have achieved this without support from Intel.”

— Larry Kuperman, director of business development, Nightdive Studios

“Tencent* and Intel are coming together to create something special. The PC is an incredible platform for high-quality, AAA gaming experiences. NEXT Studios and Intel have been working for some time together, and it is a great honor and commitment. We will continue to drive innovation and performance, and enable the best capabilities to help in the success of PC gaming. With Intel® CPU-based [sic] systems and innovation, we are delivering and will deliver CPUs featuring Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel Core i9+ processors, graphics, Intel® Optane™ memory and SSDs. The gaming industry will be a much more fun and exciting place. We are very excited to work with Intel and power the future of PC gaming.”

— Li Shen, general NEXT Studios and Tencent Games*

“The long-term collaborative relationship between Creative Assembly and Intel delivers results that directly benefit our players. Through a keener understanding of new hardware architecture, engine optimizations, and new load-balancing techniques, this relationship enables the Total War engine to evolve with every iteration, placing us on a sounder technological footing each time, and providing class-leading strategy experiences for players, in both gameplay and performance terms.”

— Al Bickham, development communications manager, Total War team, Creative Assembly (SEGA*)

“Wargaming’s goal is to provide the best gaming experience for as many players as possible. During our five-year collaboration with Intel, we were able to raise the bar in accessibility and visual fidelity across all hardware spectrums, from older PCs and notebooks with integrated graphics optimization to the best high-end gaming rig. Together, we unleashed the power of modern CPUs with multi-core and the latest instruction sets.”

— Anton Pankov, operations director, World of Tanks*,

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