Open Active Management Technology Cloud Toolkit (Open AMT Cloud Toolkit)


Integrate cloud-based, out-of-band manageability into new and existing management consoles and software solutions.

  • Activate and configure Intel® AMT devices remotely.
  • Manage activated devices with key out-of-band features, even if the operating system is down or the device is powered off.

Get Started

Cloud-Based Manageability

Deploy modular microservices on cloud-based services such as Microsoft Azure* and use container orchestration tools like the Kubernetes* platform.

Seamless Integration

Intel® AMT with the Open AMT Cloud Toolkit enables you to combine existing in-band solutions with new out-of-band features to control devices in any situation.

Take Control

Using your web-based console, perform power actions and take control of devices even if a device is powered off or the operating system is down.