Open Active Management Technology Cloud Toolkit (Open AMT Cloud Toolkit)


Integrate cloud-based, out-of-band manageability into new and existing management consoles and software solutions.

  • Activate and configure Intel® AMT devices remotely.
  • Manage activated devices with key out-of-band features, even if the operating system is down or the device is powered off.

Get Started

Cloud-Based Manageability

Deploy modular microservices on cloud-based services such as Microsoft Azure* and use container orchestration tools like the Kubernetes* platform.

Seamless Integration

Intel® AMT with the Open AMT Cloud Toolkit enables you to combine existing in-band solutions with new out-of-band features to control devices in any situation.

Take Control

Using your web-based console, perform power actions and take control of devices even if a device is powered off or the operating system is down.

Software Architecture

The Open AMT Cloud Toolkit offers modular services to simplify integration. The diagram illustrates the interaction between the key modules that allow a developer to activate, configure, and manage an Intel® AMT device through a management console.