Intel® SDK For OpenCL™ Applications

Offload compute-intensive workloads. Customize heterogeneous compute applications and accelerate performance with kernel-based programming.

The OpenCL™ platform is the open standard for general-purpose parallel programming of heterogeneous systems. It provides a uniform programming environment that's used to write portable code for client PCs, high-performance computing servers, and embedded systems that leverage a diverse mix of:

  • Multicore CPUs
  • Graphic processors
  • FPGAs
  • Other parallel processors and coprocessors

The OpenCL Platform Working Group (led by the Khronos Group*) defines this standard.

Built for usability and performance, the 2.1 version of the OpenCL standard is a significant evolution.

  • Additional subgroup functionality
  • Ability to copy kernel objects and states
  • Ingest SPIR-V* code by runtime
  • Deploy priority hints for queues

All 7th generation and newer Intel® processors with integrated Intel® Graphics Technology support this version.

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