Intel® Game Dev AI Toolkit


  • Object detection and style transfer machine learning models are built into the foundational Game Dev AI Toolkit. This provides code you can use to build your AI and machine-learning skills, as well as augment your own game projects.
  • Modular, extensible architecture you can extend to accommodate new machine-learning models and AI capabilities
  • Support for multiple inference engines, allowing you to target AI and machine learning on platforms from mobile to desktop
  • Support for DP4A instructions on integrated graphics from Intel, as well as -Xmx AI acceleration built into the new Intel® ARC graphics
  • Support for built-in render pipeline from Unity, as well as High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) with Universal Render Pipeline (URP) support coming soon


Unity scene with machine-learning object detection enabled (left), and then augmented with machine-learning style transfer in real time (right)

AI-powered target identification with the Game Dev AI Toolkit (Loyal Allies demonstration courtesy of Procedural Worlds)

Game Dev AI Toolkit integrates with third-party assets like Gaia