Software Security Guidance: Frequently Asked Questions

Published: 01/03/2018

Contact your operating system vendor for the latest information.

Microcode updates (MCU) are typically included with operating system (OS) updates from your OS vendor. End users do not have to take any special actions to apply these mitigations other than ensuring that your system OS and drivers are up to date. Contact your OS vendor for information on which OS versions incorporate the latest microcode.  We have also published expanded Microcode Update Guidance that explains details about the MCU process on current Intel processors. Microcode requirements also can be found on the Security Center for each specific advisory. 

Intel always recommends running the latest microcode for your system by using an updated BIOS or by OS loading of microcode updates if supported by the platform. See the Security Center for each advisory with the latest details on what options are available. This is especially true when mitigating potential side-channel cache exploits.


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