Developers Get Hands-On Training in Emerging AI Tools and Solutions from Intel

Published: 12/13/2019  

Last Updated: 12/13/2019

Highlights from the November 2019 AIDC Houston Summit

A new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and the smart solutions they bring to market were showcased at the Intel® AIDC Summit held on Nov. 12 in Houston, Texas.

Leading AI developers, IT decision-makers and data scientists attended the full-day event, where they viewed the achievements of AI innovators and received hands-on training in how to apply the latest Intel® software, hardware and open source tools to build, accelerate and deploy real-world AI and deep learning applications.

AI Applications, Hands-on Experience

The AIDC Houston Summit featured a presentation on “Applications of AI” from Srikanth Muralidhara (left), chief customer officer for Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics, an Intel® AI Builder partner. Flutura is an industrial internet of things (IoT) company focused on machine-to-machine and big data analytics. It serves clients principally in manufacturing, energy and engineering industries. 

Attendees also had the chance to go “Hands-on with Intel® AI,” a two-part workshop led by the Intel AI evangelist team of Meghana Rao (shown) and Michael Zephyr.

Join Us in 2020 for Hands-on AI Learning

The AIDC Summit Series, hosted in cities worldwide, brings together data scientists, researchers, developers and management-level IT staff for a day of hands-on learning and presentations. Check out the Intel AIDC Summit Series website to see highlights from our other events … and stay abreast of new events coming in 2020.

Who should attend?

AIDC Summit Series attendees should have a basic understanding of AI principles, machine learning and deep learning, Python* coding experience, and familiarity with TensorFlow*, Caffe* and other frameworks. For anyone desiring a refresher, Intel recommends optional introductory courses covering Machine LearningDeep Learning and Applied Deep Learning with TensorFlow.

Want to learn more?

For details on the Intel AIDC Summit Series content, training materials, and other Intel AI resources, check out the Intel® AI Academy.

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