Intel® Certified Instructors for DPC++

Published: 02/23/2021

Resources to Support Intel® oneAPI and DPC++ Essentials Trainings

To support your oneAPI and DPC++ training efforts, we have put together some additional training resources with the latest updates and advanced topics for DPC++.  

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Intel® oneAPI Data Parallel C++ Program Structures

This video presents six basic DPC++ programs that illustrate the elements of a DPC++ application. You can modify the source code in some of the exercises to become more familiar with DPC++ programming concepts. Updates include simplified Buffers and Accessors syntax. Video is broken up into lecture and code walk-through.


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Intel® oneAPI Data Parallel C++ Program Structures - Walk-Through

This video uses material from the DPC++ program structure video and builds a sample DPC++ application through hands-on lab exercises. 


New Features of Data Parallel C++

This video gives an overview of the new extensions added to DPC++ like Unified Shared Memory (USM), in-order queues, and Sub-Groups. Updates to this section include Reductions.


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Intel® DevCloud for oneAPI – Base Toolkit

Additional self-paced DPC++ modules are now available Intel® DevCloud for oneAPI Base Training Modules. Videos coming soon!


  Module 5: Demonstration of Intel® Advisor

Intel® Advisor tool (part of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit) helps to identify performance offload opportunities in an application. See how Offload Advisor (a feature of Advisor) identifies and ranks parallelization opportunities for offload.

  • Run Offload Advisor using command line syntax.
  • Use performance models and analyze generated reports.


  Module 6: Intel® VTune™ Profiler on Intel® DevCloud

Intel® Vtune™ Profiler helps to collect and analyze GPU hotspots and other metrics.

  • Profile a DPC++ application using VTune Profiler on Intel® DevCloud.
  • Understand the basics of command line options in VTune Profiler to collect data and generate reports.


  Module 7: Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library

The Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library (oneDPL) provides the functionality specified in the C++ standard, with extensions to support data parallelism and offloading to devices.

  • Maximize productivity with this companion to the Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Compiler providing an alternative for C++ developers.


Data Parallel C++ Book

This is an open access book for C++ programmers. It is filled with practical information, detailed explanations, and code examples to illustrate key topics.

Mastering DPC++ for Programming of Heterogeneous Systems using C++ and SYCL 


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