Self-Test Option Makes Runs Great on Intel® Technology Certification Easier

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Updated 12/4/2018
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We are announcing today a self-test option for independent game developers to achieve certification for Runs Great on Intel® technology. Live and ready today, the Intel® Game Dev Program gives developers access to a range of testing services to help improve overall quality.

The self-test option should help developers deliver the best experience on the most platforms.  Developers face some interesting technology challenges optimizing for Intel graphics across multiple devices. Our goal is to help with an Intel developed methodology that provides the performance data and knowledge required to optimize their game.  The result should be better technical insights for developers and better games for consumers.

Learn more about the self-test option, how the program works, and how to download the methodology document at the Runs Great on Intel® Technology Certification portal. As part of the sign-up process, submitters are encouraged to take advantage of Intel’s free optimization tutorials, testing tools, and other resources to help them achieve certification, and to stay up-to-date on emerging technology trends via the Intel® Developer Zone.

Once certified, users can expect to gain from the following benefits:

  • Stand out from the crowd with the Runs Great on Intel technology text treatment in your marketing materials.
  • Be considered for further promotional and marketing opportunities with Intel.

The self-test option is part of Intel’s commitment to the independent game developers who are so vital to the overall industry. Our Get Ready, Get Noticed, Get Big program is designed to assist at every phase of the developer’s journey. Every day we are helping new developers overcome not just technology hurdles, but also the marketing and distribution challenges that confront them. Over 8000 new games are expected to be released next year, so game devs face a huge challenge in fighting to get noticed. The Runs Great on Intel technology certification will help developers grow their community, learn additional monetization techniques, acquire new distribution channels, and take advantage of new promotion opportunities. We hope to see an avalanche of titles through this testing service.


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