Revolutionizing Survey and Inspection Data Acquisition

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Updated 6/8/2018
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Intel® and Pix4D*: Where the Virtual World and the Business World Meet.

Pix4D* is one of the top photogrammetry solutions available in Commercial Industry.  Recently I got some extra time to play with a few of the solutions and stress test with Intel premium processors.  The Intel® Core™ i9 processor rises to the challenge, proving more than capable to handle the impressive workloads and keep productivity moving forward.

Photogrammetry: Measuring the world from images

Harnessing new technology to transform an old business takes two things: Imagination, and Accessibility. Pix4D is revolutionizing the survey and inspection data acquisition and analysis tasks with a simple and powerful solution that combines Pix4Dcapture a drone-flight-planning and image capture mobile app with Pix4Dmapper, the software where machine learning meets photogrammetry to deliver point cloud classification. The Intel® Core™ i9 processor provides the power to transform the images into accurate, measurable and photorealistic 3D models, ensuring even a maxed-out PC remains responsive.

The potential benefits of these easy to create 3-D models cross over multiple industries, from infrastructure asset inspection and mining to gaming and immersive learning.

Here's a few basic steps on how some of the solutions work together


It starts with any camera, any smartphone or tablet camera, any compact or DSLR camera, or any drone camera. Pix4Dcapture takes drone-based aerial photography to the next level, transforming consumer drones into survey grade tools, assisting in creating flight plans to ensure users capture optimum image data.


Pix4D turns images into precise, georeferenced maps, and 3D point clouds and mesh models. Users can choose from automatic cloud processing or custom, offline local processing. With an Intel® Core™ i9 processor, users can run Pix4Dmapper on their desktop device, benefiting from high-quality, custom, processing settings and advanced editing and measuring tools while maintaining full control over the data, with the option to use the Pix4Dcloud to share only the outputs that they want to share. A PC with an Intel® Core™ i9 processor deftly handles the massive workload while still remaining responsive.


Pix4Dmapper gives its desktop version users access to the rayCloud, to machine learning point cloud classification to advanced editing and measurement features, and quality control tools. Uploading desktop-generated outputs to Pix4Dcloud, or choosing remote processing, enable remote 3D inspection and collaboration. Pix4Dmapper, with an Intel® Core™ i9 processor powered PC, puts that power in your hands.

The Pix4D’s solution makes surveying 3D modeling and measuring the world painless, fast and adordable. Pix4D is transforming the workflow of many industries and it does not end on the screen. By importing the final point cloud or mesh, into your VR engine of choice you can view your 3D creations as a complete, virtual reality experience. For client walkthroughs or remote inspections, for creating complex immersive learning experiences or gaming landscape rooted in reality, Pix4D software potential is limited only by the user’s imagination and the power of the processor