MeshCentral2 - Clipboard Support, Device List & Filters, Memory Management

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Updated 3/28/2019
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It’s been a white since the last report and lots of progress has been made. Probably most notably is the increase in GitHub traffic where more people than are submitting bug reports and feature requests. Only a month ago there was about 20 open issues, now it’s up to 36 open issues with 93 having been closed so far. Many thanks to everyone that takes the time to write up reports on Github, it’s much appreciated. This week, we got a bunch more improvements with notable thanks to Bryan Roe who is working nights, days and on his vacations to get issues closed. This last few week’s highlights:

  • Clipboard management support on Windows and Linux. One of the frequently asked feature request on GitHub was for the addition of remote clipboard support. With the latest version of MeshCentral, you can now transfer text to and from a remote device’s clipboard on Windows and Linux. This is amazingly useful feature, but a very difficult one to implement as the agent needs to figure out what user context to use to get and set the clipboard into. Linux is especially difficult. Again big appreciation to Bryan Roe how did the work on this.
  • Improved list view and filtering. When selecting the device list view on MeshCentral, the latest version displays more information on this screen including the current logged in user or users, the IP address of the device as seen by the server and the type of connectivity the server has to the remote device. All this information is in real time, no need to refresh the web page. In addition, there is improved search filtering. So you can just start typing a device name, or type “ip:192.168.” to filter for devices with a given IP address or “user:bob” to search for devices that have a given user logged in. Makes managing lots of device a lot easier.
  • New memory monitoring support. When running a big server with 1000’s of connected devices for a long time, it’s important to track server memory use and make sure the code does not leak any memory. In this latest version of MeshCentral, there is a new memory tracking system that logs the server’s memory use at regular intervals. This feature can be turned on during testing or in production to make sure everything is going well. In the graph below we can see how a server with 11 thousand connected devices performs after the latest updates. New server versions has improved memory management considerably.
  • Youtube video on 2 factor authentication. MeshCentral has great two-factor authentication support. To show it off, I recorded a YouTube video demonstrating how it works. The combination of the Google Authenticator application, one time codes and U2F hardware keys make user authentication a lot more robust. Check it out.

This is just some of the changes and improvements done to MeshCentral since the last update, I am skipping over a lot of bug fixes and new features. As usual, feedback is appreciated.



All new MeshCentral remote clipboard support. An amazing feature that was often requested.

New MeshCentral device list view and improved device filtering.

New MeshCentral memory tracking. Useful for debug and production servers.

YouTube video on MeshCentral’s 2 factor authentication support.