Epic Games’ Unreal Engine* Gets Faster, Faster with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

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Updated 9/12/2012
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Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 Gets Faster with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers


“We chose Intel GPA for two main reasons: the ability to debug our rendering pipeline and graphics effects, and the ability to profile graphics performance on many different platform configurations.”

- Niklas Smedberg, Epic’s Senior Engine Programmer

Epic Games, over its 22-year history has established itself as an industry leader and a “Triple Threat”: The company creates best-selling, multi-genre blockbusters, including Unreal Tournament*, Gears of War*, and Infinity Blade*. It delivers immersive games on a wide variety of PC, mobile, and console platforms. And it provides legions of developers with its Unreal Engine* technology, the algorithmic wizardry that transforms a designer’s imagination into a gamer’s reality.

The award-winning Unreal Engine is the cornerstone of Epic’s success and is considered an industry standard among many game—and motion picture—houses. The free version of Unreal Engine 3 (UE3), the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), has more than 2 million unique installations. Licensees of full source UE3 have used it to power more than 300 triple-A games since 2006. Now, Epic has released Unreal Engine 3 for Android, a mobile game engine that supports both ARM and Intel processor-based devices natively. UE3 for Android is packed with the same tools PC developers use to create best-selling games, training simulations, and cinematic content.

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