Deep Learning on Qubole* Using BigDL for Apache Spark*

Published: 08/01/2017  

Last Updated: 08/17/2017

BigDL runs natively on Apache Spark*, and because Qubole* offers a greatly enhanced and optimized Spark as a service, it makes for a perfect deployment platform.

Dash Desai from Qubole wrote a excellent two-part tutorial series on how to use the BigDL Deep Learning Framework . In Part 1, he will show, how to get started with distributed Deep Learning library BigDL on Qubole. By the end, you will have BigDL installed on a Spark cluster with a distributed Deep Learning library readily available for you to use in your Deep Learning applications running on Qubole.

 In Part 2, you will learn how to write a Deep Learning application on Qubole that uses BigDL to identify handwritten digits (0 to 9) using a LeNet-5 (Convolutional Neural Networks) model that you will train and validate using MNIST database.

Check out both Part 1 and Part 2 from Qubole, on getting started with BigDL on Qubole.


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