Creating ‘Superhero’ AI Apps to Nab Car Thieves, Foil Poachers and Track Subjects on the Move

Published: 12/04/2019  

Last Updated: 12/04/2019

Highlights from Intel’s AIDC London Summit Hosted on October 29

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to spot stolen cars … automatic number-reading technology to read vehicle license plates … person identifiers that can follow a subject on the move … technology to foil elephant poachers … These AI-driven solutions and more were showcased at the Intel® AIDC Summit held on Oct. 29 in London.

The Summit attracted developers, IT decision-makers and data scientists for a full day of training as they learned about new achievements by established and emerging innovators in AI, including presentations from Valtech and Aaeon/Wahtari.

The AIDC Summit series provided hands-on training in how to apply the latest Intel® software, hardware and open source tools to build, accelerate and deploy real-world solutions for deep learning applications on Intel® AI. This latest AIDC Summit was moderated by AI specialist teams from Intel and London technology consultant Bayncore. Featured presentations included:

  • AI on Intel – Graham Copperwheat of Intel conducted a look at AI solutions from datacenter to the edge using Intel® architecture, developing a hands-on understanding of building a deep learning model and deploying it to the edge.
  • AI Case Study: Exploratory Data Analysis – Bayncore’s Georg Zitzlsberger walked through the training process for applying AI and deep learning to recognize stolen cars.
  • ANPR with Wahtari – Presenters Andrew Morgan of Aaeon and Sebastian Borchers of Wahtari shared the challenges of deploying automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) technology, which employs optical character recognition to read images with vehicle registration plates for compiling vehicle location data.
  • Reading the USB stick on Ubuntu* – Presenters conducted a hands-on lab for Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (NCS), run on pre-installed versions of VirtualBox* or VMware*.
  • Visual Object Identification Demonstrator – Dan Klein, chief data officer at Valtech, shared lessons learned in moving AI prototypes into production operation, in this case, a real-time person identifier.

Join Us for a Day of Hands-on AI Learning

Intel’s complimentary AIDC Summit Series is hosted in cities worldwide and is designed specifically for data scientists, researchers, developers, and management-level IT staff. Attendees should have a basic understanding of AI principles, machine learning and deep learning, Python* coding experience, and familiarity with TensorFlow*, Caffe* and other frameworks. For those desiring a refresher, Intel recommends optional introductory courses covering Machine LearningDeep Learning and Applied Deep Learning with TensorFlow.

Want to learn more?

To stay abreast of upcoming AIDC Summits in your region, visit the Intel AIDC Summit Series website. To receive details about Intel AI content, training materials, and other Intel AI resources, check out Intel® AI.

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