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Updated 9/19/2018
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Week 4

Brings us back to the basics of organic chemistry and good old days for unravelling the reactions and the steps. This project allows us to get in deep with the subject more.

What we are doing this week?

We are going to show how we are approaching the method to decode the 3D molecules that are to be used in the Project.

Creating a 3d molecule for the work is always tough as we do not have any good designer in our team we relied upon how we can save time and find a way to do it.

The internet to the rescue

To delve in deep and saving time we targeted where we can find the molecules.

We had to also focus that the site should be open sourced and zeroed out to the following website

The opening page consists of search to find the organic compounds. The page looks like as shown in the figure below.




Let us search for an organic compound. We will check on benzene.

The search page returns the value something like this.


We have to change to 3d model view.

The view will result in something like the figure generated and we can save the model.


The 3d model comes in 2 formats either JSmol or Jmol we can save any of the format.

Let us take a look at one aromatic conversion

Lime to benzene

The video describes the steps we do get to the compound our idea was to find if all the 3d models were available or not.

Using Wacom tablet for the first time

It was fun we started doing some reactions and it was good. We are sharing the video of our first experience.

Till next week goodbye!