Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 47, January 2022

Published: 04/22/2022

  • Letters from the Editor: oneAPI Continues Gaining Momentum by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • Vectorization in LLVM and GCC for Intel CPUs and GPUs
    SIMD Support Is Evolving Rapidly in Modern Compilers
  • Efficient Heterogeneous Parallel Programming Using OpenMP
    Best Practices to Keep the CPU and GPU Working at the Same Time
  • ArrayFire Interoperability with oneAPI, Libraries, and OpenCL
    Taking Advantage of oneAPI to Avoid Code Rewrites
  • Using the oneAPI Level Zero Interface
    A Brief Introduction to the Level Zero API
  • Hyperparameter Optimization with SigOpt for MLPerf Training on Habana Gaudi
    Achieve Faster Convergence with Higher Accuracy in AI Training
  • Scale Your Pandas Workflow with Modin
    Scalable Data Analytics with No Rewrite Required
  • From Ray to Chronos
    Build End-to-End AI Use-Cases with BigDL on Top of Ray


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