MeshCommander - Mutual-Auth TLS, IDE-R

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Updated 9/29/2017
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MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that you can downloads, install and use to connect to and manage your Intel® AMT computers. MeshCommander is closing in on being two years old. Development in ongoing every week, more improvements & bug fixes keep being published on the web site.

This week is notable for a release of v0.5.3 and new features around MeshCommander’s handling of certificates and TLS connections.

  • Improved certificate manager. MeshCommander comes with its own built-in certificate management tool. Certificates are an important part of working with Intel AMT, and this new version includes the ability to create certificates for different usages.
  • Mutual-Authentication Support. MeshCommander now fully supports setting up Intel AMT for mutual-authentication TLS connections and connecting in this mode with console authentication. In addition to normal connections: remote desktop, terminal and IDE-R all support mutual-auth TLS. Check out the YouTube video demonstration on how to get this quickly setup.
  • IDE Redirect over TLS. Also new in this version is, finally, support for IDE-R over TLS. This may seem like a trivial feature, but it’s much more complicated because MeshCommander takes over all network read/write from IMRSDK.dll using its own TLS connection for all network traffic. This makes IDE-R TLS using MeshCommander a lot more flexible than it otherwise would be.

There are many more improvements and bug fixes, but want to keep it short… if you use Intel® AMT, check of the latest version and other tools at This latest version of MeshCommander is also built-into MeshCentral2.





Check out the new YouTube demonstration on how to setup Intel® AMT with
TLS and Mutual-Authentication TLS using MeshCommander