MeshCentral2 - Video Chat & Terminal

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Updated 12/19/2018
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MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. As the software matures, people as increasingly been asking for features that enable remote support usages. For example, having the agent run only temporarily or being able to chat with a user on a remote computer. In the last few months, MeshCentral has gained some of these features including remote text chat. This week, we are doubling down and adding audio, video and file transfer support to the MeshCentral messenger application.

Modern browsers have WebRTC for video conferencing and MeshCentral2 is now taking full advantage of this. First, when you establish a chat session, the browser will try to switch to using WebRTC to setup a direct path between the two browsers. If this is successful, all chat messages and file transfers are will go directly between the browsers, skipping the server. This reduces the server traffic, improves server scaling and lowers hosting costs. In addition, once the WebRTC direct channel is setup, the audio and audio/video button will show up on the upper right of the messaging application allowing you to quickly start a one-way chat session with the other side. The remote computer can do the same, to create a two way video chat session. At any time, each site can open or close their multimedia sessions.

In addition to the improved chat features, this week MeshCentral got improved terminal remoting on Windows. You can now run more demanding command prompt applications in the terminal and MeshCentral will remote them correctly. You can now see keys as you type and the terminal supports colors.

Many thanks to Bryan Roe for working on the new terminal and enabling remote browser popup. Of course, many more fixes have been done this week. As usual, feedback very much appreciated. As for one last thing, it’s been a wonderful year for MeshCentral2 and MeshCommander. Huge progress has been done this year and adding video chat is a great way to end it. I am sure next year will absolutely rock as many more fun features and improvements will come online.

Have a great holiday!