MeshCentral2 - MeshCmd + User Notifications

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Updated 4/6/2018
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MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. This week, Bryan Roe significantly improved the MeshCmd tool that is included in MeshCentral2 and available as a standalone download. Bryan added the capability to run MicroLMS and MeshCommander in the background and this on both Linux and Windows. Starting today, you can download MeshCmd and run:

                meshcmd microlms install/start/stop/uninstall
                meshcmd meshcommander install/start/stop/uninstall

This will install and start in the background MicroLMS with LMS MeshCommander for local management, or MeshCommander for remote management. On Windows, it’s installed as a standard Windows Service. On Linux, the installation will work correctly on both newer systemd and older initd Linux computers, with the installation adapting correctly to each.

In addition, MeshCentral2 got many bug fixes, security hardening and a few new features this week. Notably, you can now switch between the multi-desktop view and taking control of a computer’s desktop without the connection having to be re-established. There is a new user notification feature shown below, improves access control and much more. In the last week alone, we released more than 10 different versions of MeshCentral2 on NPM as we keep improving this software at a very fast pace.