Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2021.4 Release

ID 703089
Updated 12/14/2021
Version Latest



Say hello to some of the latest features for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite.

Graphics Frame Analyzer 

Improved Bottleneck Analysis

Bottleneck Analysis

For both normal mode and advanced profiling mode we have created a Bottlenecks Tab in the right panel which gives you a more streamlined approach to finding the data you need. For this view, we dug into the underlying data, extracting and correlating so that we could give you better information.

Increased Playback Speed

Metrics Subscription Mechanism

Developers typically have their favorite metrics. Armed with this knowledge, we have added metrics subscription functionality, making access to the data you need fast and convenient. Pin only the metrics you need - greatly increasing playback speed when changing selections in the API Log or when applying any of the experiments. 

Graphics Trace Analyzer 

New Shader Breakdown Tracks

Async Tracks

Shader Breakdown tracks allow you to visualize ALU activity.

Intel® GPA Framework

We added support for DirectX12 Ultimate. As reported in our last release, we already have support  for variable rate shading, mesh shaders and sampler feedback. For this release we have added Raytracing capability.


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