Transformer-LT Official FP32 Inference Tensorflow* Model Package

Published: 10/23/2020  

Last Updated: 06/15/2022

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This document has instructions to run a Transformer Language Translation FP32 inference using Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*. The original code for the Transformer LT Official model came from the TensorFlow Model Garden repository.

Download and preprocess the English-German dataset using the script from the TensorFlow Model Garden repo. The Transformer model README has a section with instructions for using the script.

Once the script completes, you should have a dataset directory with the following files: newstest2014.denewstest2014.en, and a vocab text file. For simplicity, rename the vocab file to vocab.txt. The path to the directory with these files should be set as the DATASET_DIR environment variable when using the quickstart scripts.

Quick Start Scripts

Script name Description
fp32_online_inference Runs online inference (batch_size=1).
fp32_batch_inference Runs batch inference (batch_size=64).

Bare Metal

To run on bare metal, the following prerequisites must be installed in your environment:

Download and untar the model package and then run a quickstart script with enviornment variables that point to your dataset and an output directory.

DATASET_DIR=<path to the test dataset directory>
OUTPUT_DIR=<directory where the log and translation file will be written>

tar -xzf transformer-lt-official-fp32-inference.tar.gz
cd transformer-lt-official-fp32-inference

quickstart/<script name>.sh

If you have your own pretrained model, you can specify the path to the frozen graph .pb file using the FROZEN_GRAPH environment variable.

Documentation and Sources

Get Started​
Main GitHub*
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