Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives - Licensing FAQ

Published: 05/16/2011  

Last Updated: 08/18/2016

Frequently Asked Licensing Questions

How do I get Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)?

Intel IPP is offered as part of a commercial license through Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® System Studio, and for free through Community Licensing program. Intel IPP in all 3 products includes support for multiple processors, including but not limited to Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors, and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors.

For commercial Intel IPP (Intel Parallel Studio and Intel System Studio) licensing terms visit the link here

For Free Intel IPP (Community Licensing Program) licensing terms visit the link here

Is cryptography for Intel IPP avaiable with Intel IPP?

Yes. Cryptography for Intel IPP is part of the main Intel IPP product, but is packaged separately in order to comply with United States export regulations. Cryptography for Intel IPP is available to download for all registered users of Intel IPP. See the Cryptography Download section of this site for more information.

When I buy a copy of Intel IPP, can I redistribute the runtime library files (such as lib, DLLs) with my company's software?

Yes. Your purchase of Intel IPP (and updates through the support service subscription) includes redistribution rights. See the end-user license agreement for redistribution details. The static library files can be redistributed as outlined in the end user license agreement.
Please Check the redist.txt file located in <IPP installdir>\Documentation\en_US\ipp for more details

What are the redistributable files?

In general, the redistributable files include linkable files (.DLL files for Windows and .SO files for Linux). With your purchase of Intel IPP (and updates through the support service subscription), you receive the applicable “redist.txt” file which outlines the list of files that can be redistributed, or please check the redist.txt file located in <ipp installdir="">\licensing\ipp\en if you have installed Intel IPP. See the Intel EULA for redistribution details. The evaluation versions of Intel IPP do not provide redistribution rights.

Do I need to buy an Intel IPP license for each copy of our software that we sell?

No. There is no royalty fee for redistribution of Intel IPP. Please check the Intel IPP end user license agreement for more details.

How many copies of my company's application can redistribute the Intel IPP library files?

You may redistribute an unlimited number of copies of the files that are found in the directories defined in the Redistributables section of the end user license agreement.

Where can I view a copy of the Intel IPP product license before making a decision to purchase the product?

You can view the end user license agreement online.

Are there royalty fees for using Intel IPP?

No. There is no royalty fee for redistributing the Intel IPP library files with your software. By licensing the Intel IPP product for your developers, you have rights to redistribute the Intel IPP library files with your software for an unlimited number of copies. For more information, please refer to the end user license agreement.

Does this mean that, if I buy Intel IPP, I don't have to pay license fees to patent holders related to the functions of Intel IPP?

The Intel IPP software library contains a variety of functions that may be used by developers as they implement products, including products that support various industry standards. Implementations of products in accordance with such standards, or the standard-enabled platforms, may require licenses from various entities, including Intel Corporation. Such licensing is not provided by Intel IPP.

What are the license terms and/or license fees for using Intel IPP samples?

Intel IPP samples are provided to show how to use Intel IPP functionality. Some of these samples illustrate the use of Intel IPP in implementing functionality defined by industry standards. These samples are not product-feature-complete codec solutions.

When products are built in accordance to industry standards, there is often intellectual-property licensing involved. Such industry standards are international standards promoted by various standards bodies, such as ISO, ITU-T, and other organizations. When companies produce products in accordance with industry standards, they must ensure that they secure the appropriate technology and intellectual property licensing from the standards bodies and other third parties. Intel IPP material provides pointers to the standards bodies. Industry-standard licensing is not provided as part of Intel IPP, nor is it provided with these example illustrations.

How many copies of Intel IPP do I need to secure for my project team or company?

The number of Intel IPP copies that you need is determined by the number of developers who are writing code, compiling, and testing using Intel IPP API, For example, five developers in an organization working on building code with Intel IPP will require five Intel IPP licenses. View the EULA for complete details.

Do I need to get a license for each machine being used to develop and test applications using Intel IPP?

The number of licenses for Intel IPP that you need are determined by the number of developers in your organization. These can be deployed on any number of machines on which the application is built and/or tested as long as there is only the number of licensed copies in use at any given time. For example a development team of five developers using ten machines simultaneously for development and test activities with Intel IPP, will be required to get ten licenses of Intel IPP. View the EULA for complete details.

How do floating licenses work with Intel IPP?

Floating licenses for Intel IPP are intended to accompany the use of floating licenses for the Intel® Composer, (i.e. a developer using the floating license for Intel IPP is assumed to be doing so while using a floating license for the Intel compiler). Floating licenses are not available for the standalone Intel IPP products. Please check the Floating
License section of the Intel IPP End-User License Agreement for more information.

If I already have the license for one Intel IPP version, does this cover all the previous versions of Intel IPP?

Yes, the license you have is valid for all previous versions. This is only limited to the versions available for download. The available downloads are visible from the drop down menu on the downloads page in the Registration Center.

If I already have the license for Intel® Parallel Studio or Intel® System Studio that includes Intel IPP, does it cover the Intel IPP?

Yes, the license you have is valid for Intel IPP. Please check the release notes of the product to make sure the Intel IPP is included.

End User License Agreement

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives End User License Agreement

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