Week 8 - Vitruvian VR: an exciting 360° simulation experience!

Published: 10/17/2018  

Last Updated: 10/17/2018

By Paolo Moro

Vitruvian Logo

Hi everybody!

For this last week we've prepared a promotional video of Vitruvian VR, with which we would like to thank Intel and all who supported us during the realization of our project Vitruvian VR.

We went to the beautiful alpine location of Cortina D'Ampezzo to shoot a promotional video highlighting the structure of the Vitruvian, the technologies used and the virtual scenery inspired precisely by the Italian Alps.

Through this project we had a lot of fun and we've made contact with many important companies, but the greatest satisfaction for us has been to excite many people of all ages. Their smile has increased our desire to continue to design and invent to make the prototype more and more cool!

As already anticipated in the weeks before, we will continue to add new innovative features to the Vitruvian!

But now, let's watch our last Vitruvian video promo!


Do you want to collaborate with us? For more information please visit Vitruvian VR website: http://www.VitruvianVr.com

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