VR Austin JAM 2017

Published: 01/23/2018  

Last Updated: 01/23/2018

By Alexandria Porter

As a pillar of the Central Texas developer community, VR Austin has bi-monthly meetings for demos and networking - but the annual Jam has been a blast for the past two years, and VRAustinJam 2017 did not disappoint. Teams set up shop for one glorious weekend at Impact Hub-Vuka North, this November 11-13th and focused in on creating new, experimential virtual reality (VR) projects in the spirit of cooperative advancement. The Showcase was the following Monday evening, where members of the public could come and see all the innovative experiences the participants created. There was a building smasher, assembly line, musical experimentation, and even a driving game among others. All created in just two days!

As members of the Intel® Software Innovator program, our company, Underminer Studios, was delighted to see the results at the Showcase, and proud to have helped sponsor the event. Competitions can be a good way to spark innovation, but there’s also a special camaraderie in collaborative events like the VRAustinJam. Underminer Studios is a cutting edge technology company with a passion for innovative uses of technology. One example is our product, Virtual Engagements, which can be found for free on Viveport so we’re excited to see the VR community in Austin continuing to grow.

As sponsors of the event, along with the FarBridge, TheWaveVR, Owlchemy Labs, MergeVR, HTC and LINK VR Showcase, we spoke to the Jammers at the kickoff and talked about the benefits of the Innovator Program, using GPA tool, and participating on Intel’s Developer Mesh. During the event we were available for questions or help via Slack. At the showcase we got to preview the experiences and spoke again about our work with Intel and how others could use these tools and get involved. In the spirit of the event there were no prizes awarded for work but there were sponsored giveaways of VR Gear and swag.

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