Intel® Global IoT DevFest IV

Published: 07/22/2019  

Last Updated: 07/22/2019

By Vicky Carman

Miss the IoT DevFest? You can now learn about the latest in computer vision, AI at the Edge, workload consolidation, immersive retail experiences and more. Watch Intel® Global IoT DevFest IV replays to discover developer strategies, product software developer experiences, innovative end-to-end solutions and development kits, test suites and tools. Choose sessions from a selection of four core focus domains:
•    Accelerating Business Transformation with Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 
•    Enabling Workload Consolidation for High-Performance Industrial System 
•    Transforming Retail for Immersive and Personalized Experience 
•    Emerging Tools and Technologies for Innovative Solutions

Experience the latest developer tools, best practices and emerging IoT trends. Take advantage of keynotes, expert-led training sessions, real-world business use cases and virtual demo showcases to sharpen your professional skills and deliver future-ready solutions.

Keynote Sessions 

Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO and co-founder of Gorilla Technology – “Tailoring Edge AI to Meet the Future.”

Gorilla’s partnership with Intel and development of edge AI computer vision, utilizing Intel’s OpenVINO™ optimization - combined with Movidius and FPGA hardware, has seen vast efficiency and performance improvements on Intel® Atom, Core™ and Xeon® based devices.

Jeffrey (Jeff) S. McVeigh, Vice President, Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software Group General Manager, Visual Computing Products – “Accelerate Deep Learning Applications with Intel® Vision Technologies.”

Intel is leading the evolution of edge compute and computer vision solutions, helping organizations unlock new possibilities for their data with a comprehensive stack of products designed for AI.

Chetan Gadgil, Global Director, Intel Corporation – “Accelerating Advanced Edge Solutions with Intel RFP Ready Kits”

Intel RFP Ready Kits are commercially hardened to make it easier and faster for enterprise developers to deploy and scale Edge, Machine Learning and AI solutions.

Aling Wu,  AI & IoT Alliance Director at AAEON – “What Comes after AI & IoT?  A Robotic World Opens up”

How can we make it easier for developers and show a clear path from development to deployment?

Dinyar Dastoor, Director, Systems and IoT products, Intel Corporation – “Transformation of Developer Tools to Address Challenges of Workload Consolidation.”

Get a good understanding of the challenges of designing systems with workload consolidation, and how developer tools have to quickly evolve to help manufacturers and system integrators get to market faster.

Jennifer A. Bossin, Sr. Director, Intel IoT Group, AI Ecosystem Lead – “Intel® AI: In Production.”

AI: In Production reduces deployment complexity by accessing Intel’s Vision ecosystem and developer offerings, software and hardware.

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