DeveloperWeek Austin 2017

Published: 12/13/2017  

Last Updated: 12/13/2017

By Alexandria Porter

DeveloperWeek Austin had its first event in 2015, and stays true to its goal of exposing developers, engineers, architects, managers and executives and entrepreneurs to a wide variety of tools and techniques for many development fields including apps, FinTech, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality (VR) among others. This year’s Austin event was held on November 8th and 9th at the Palmer Springs Event Center.

On the expo floor, Underminer Studios demoed our Virtual Engagements on Vive, “Confronting Fear of Heights,” which is now available for free on Viveport. Envisioned as a treatment option for those looking for an alternative to traditional therapy or medication this self-led process was built with a foundation in cognitive therapies and boosted with tech, gamification, and accessibility as VR hardware becomes faster and cheaper. Our experience has four levels of challenge, where the scenarios become increasingly more realistic and challenging. There is a safeguard known as “calm worlds” that allows for engagement at the user's discretion.

Our demo was the only VR content being shown in the expo so it garnered some extra attention and we met developers with a wide range of experience from those that had not used VR at all to a few that had developed for non-web VR. We offered a challenge for the Hackathon for the best use of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer (Intel® GPA) tool to optimize their projects. We were featured in this Intel article, VR Optimization Tips from Underminer Studios, and are often regarded as experts in optimization techniques.

The conference portion of the event included many presentations on workflow and tools. There was a VR-focused 3-lecture series in DevWeek’s Pro track, which introduced people to open source and open standards, prototyping with ARKit, and WebAR - good ways to get people interested in playing with the foundations of the VR / AR. Underminer Studios set up a VR challenge in the DevWeek Hackathon, though unfortunately none of the contestants were familiar enough with the software to get anything to run.

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