Links from Microsoft Build 2022 Sutter-Reinders discussion of Heterogeneous Computing

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For Microsoft Build 2022, Herb Sutter of Microsoft and James Reinders of Intel discussed heterogeneous computing (video is available HERE (link coming soon)).

Herb and James encouraged everyone to learn more and get involved.

Here are links to reading related to there discussion to help you learn more, and get involved:

Welcome to the Jungle
Dig in and Learn to Thrive in this New Golden Age of Computer Architecture

Why Must We Care About Heterogeneous Computing?

Three Key Papers that together explain quite well the shift in computing that makes heterogeneous computing the very definition of modern computing systems:

Herb and James strongly recommend reading and studying all three!

Moore's Law and Chiplets

As we quipped, debating if and when Moore's Law is dead is a popular sport. Gordon Moore predicted Heterogeneous Computing in his seminal 1965 white paper, “Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits,” writing that as chip density and complexity progressed, eventually it may prove to be more economical to build large systems out of smaller functions, which are separately packaged and interconnected. That day is here, and UCIe and CLX standards help make it an open industry wide adventure!

A Taxonomy of Uses for Concurrency
A Taxonomy of Uses for Concurrency

Learning More about C++ and Heterogeneous Computing


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