AIDC Tokyo Connects Developers with Industry Leaders and Next-Gen Intel® Technology for AI

Published: 10/29/2019  

Last Updated: 10/29/2019

Nearly 100 AI Developers Converge at AIDC Summit to expand AI skills as part of Intel’s Japan Developer Conference

Nearly 100 artificial intelligence (AI) professionals and practitioners gathered to experience all things AI during the AIDC Summit held on Oct. 4 in Tokyo, Japan. Attendees heard from prominent AI developers and ecosystem partners who shared their perspective on emerging trends in deep learning, computer vision, analytics and other real-world applications.

The AIDC Tokyo workshop was held as a breakout session as part of Intel’s Japan Developer Conference 2019. Summit attendees comprised developers, data scientists and IT professionals from such companies as Konica Minolta, Hitachi, Casio, Microsoft Fujitsu, Lenovo, Seiko, HPC, Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric.

AI Inspiration through experience

Attendees of the Intel AIDC Summit benefited from small-group training workshops on the latest Intel® product hardware and software, gaining tips and tricks for getting the most from open source tools available for AI development, as well as exposure to real-world use cases. They also heard from AI experts and networked with peers and potential mentors to explore how AI can improve and enrich their work.

The hands-on workshop, conducted by software engineer Jing Xu of Intel K.K. and supported by associates Horokazu Kobayashi, Masashi Horikoshi, Sachin Kelkar and Intel AI experts, received positive reviews by the AIDC participants. Following is a sampling of their comments:

“(The event) helped me understand the big picture of AI.”

“(It) gave me an opportunity to catch up with the latest hardware trend.”

“Exhibition contents were interesting and easy to understand.”

Join Us at a future AIDC Summit Workshop

Intel’s AIDC Summit Series is held in cities worldwide. These complimentary events are designed for data scientists, researchers, developers and IT staff looking to expand their AI development skills. Make sure to check out the Intel AIDC Summit Series website to register for an event coming to your region.

Want to learn more?

For details on the Intel AI, training materials and other Intel AI resources, check out The Intel Developer Program.


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